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The Visual Power of the Peg Board

I recently worked with a client on kitchen organizing. The home is an old Victorian with quirky twists and turns and does not have the storage of modern homes. The family has utilized an old stairway for storage and added a peg board to the wall to hang cooking pots and pans. This method is an excellent way of utilizing vertical space and allows easy access to pans (versus nesting them in one another).

I have also installed a peg board in my garage for hanging extension cords, tools, and garden equipment. This is another great use of vertical space in narrow garages.

I love that peg boards are a relatively inexpensive organizing solution. If aesthetics are important to you, The Container Store sells a metal peg board system that might suit your needs.

Hooks, bins, and fasteners are available to attach to the peg board to hold whatever items you need within reach. If you’re a visual person with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality (which is VERY common), give a peg board a try!

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