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Do you help clients get their home ready to be put on the market?

Moving and selling your home is one of the most stressful challenges you can face. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with every aspect of planning, packing, and preparing your home to be placed on the market.  We often partner with real estate professionals and home stagers, and can offer referrals to other resources, including movers, clean out services, appraisers, and more. 

How far in advance do you begin planning my move? 

Moving your entire home can be a labor-intensive project. There are so many variables involved in every move and each project requires a customized timeline. We suggest that you contact us as early as possible in your moving process.  With that said, we typically need a minimum of 2 -3 weeks notice in order to get you onto our schedule and provide the appropriate time to put together a team of organizers.  

Do you help us pack to move?  We need to work during the process.

Yes. Packing your entire home can be an overwhelming job to face while balancing work and other demands of your life. It is important that we have clear communication and collaboration throughout the project to help us get the job done efficiently. 

Can you help us find a moving company and other vendors? 

Yes, we are highly experienced with all aspects of move management. We have relationships with moving companies and are experienced with local, interstate, and international relocations. Additionally, we can refer and oversee vendors who provide clean out services, donation pickups, appraisals, realtors, stagers, and much more.

We do not want to move all of our stuff. Can you help us sort through it all?

Our organizers are skilled at efficiently working with you to determine what items you would like to pack. In fact, we highly recommend sorting through your belongings thoroughly before packing them so that you do not pack items that you no longer need. This saves you time, money, and space. Given enough advance notice of your move, we can also help you with the decluttering. During the process, we can assist you in finding appropriate places to donate or rehome items that you do not wish to move to your new home. 

How much does it cost to use your Move Management services? 

Every move is different and we offer a wide variety of services for you to determine what your specific move requires. As a result, our move management services are usually billed on a project basis. Once we determine the scope of your move, including services requested and resources required, we will provide a proposal and estimate for services.

Do I need to buy the supplies or do you provide what we need?

That is really up to you.  We can help you with all aspects of your move, including purchasing boxes, packing materials, labels etc.  However, if you have supplies on hand we are happy to use your materials as well. Often, it is a mix of both.  Before we start your project, we will get a full understanding of what your move requires in order to have everything we need on packing day.


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How do I know if I am ready to hire a professional organizer?

If you have felt overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated with your space, and you are open to creating a positive change in your life, you are probably ready! The organizing process can involve many changes, both in your home and your habits, so an open mind is crucial for positive change. ​In order to create the organizational systems that are right for you, you have to be ready to shift your environment. Sustainability through habits and accountability will allow you to realize your version of being organized.


Your professional organizer will help you create effective systems and identify the habits necessary for long-term success, but the change and commitment must come from you. If you are interested in making your daily life more efficient, stream-lined, and peaceful, then you sound ready to work with us!

How long will it take to get me organized?

Creating lasting change can take time because new habits need to be developed. We want to give you the skills you need for a more organized life. However, the speed and depth of the change depends entirely on you. You set the pace for our work. How long our work takes is a factor of:

  • How quickly you make decisions

  • How ready you are for the organizing process

  • How much work you do in between our sessions. 

Your organizing challenges did not happen overnight; therefore, you cannot expect change to happen immediately. We ask that you allow yourself patience, grace, and time throughout the process. We will support you at whatever pace you prefer to make progress.

How much does it cost and how do you charge for organizing services?

Our package pricing can be found here.  You choose what level of support you would like for your organizing projects, which means that you can control the cost. Initially, clients often choose to schedule organizing sessions on a weekly basis. However, bi-weekly or multiple sessions per week are also available depending on how quickly you would like to create change in your life. An alternative to help manage costs can be utilizing our Virtual Organizing services interspersed with hands-on sessions to provide continuous support.  During our initial visit, we will discuss the packages with you in detail and ensure that we find the right option for your needs.

Do I need to be there while my space is being organized?

To create an organizational system that is functional and sustainable for you, it is essential that you be involved in the work. Your space is also more likely to stay organized if you participate in creating the systems. Occasionally, our organizers can make progress without direct client involvement, but the outcome will be significantly improved if you can offer your full attention during your sessions with our staff.  Understanding how you interact with your space and how you make decisions around decluttering helps the organizer offer the best assistance and solutions for your particular space.  We encourage you to have appropriate care arranged for your children and pets, and to avoid answering unnecessary phone calls. 

Do both my partner and I need to be present for all of the sessions?  

It is strongly suggested that you involve your partner or other household members who have personal interest in the areas you are working on.  In order to create an organized space that will work for everyone and be easily maintained, it is important that we consider how everyone interacts with the space.  Once we have that input, we can proceed with working with just one partner. While we cannot participate in processing someone else’s belongings without their involvement, we can always pre-sort items and set them aside for decision making by the appropriate person later.

Move Management
Residential Organizing

Will I be forced to get rid of items?  

You will never be asked to make any decision that makes you feel uncomfortable. You are the only one who knows whether or not something continues to have meaning and purpose in your life, and we will provide you with the guidance to make the decisions about whether particular objects still have relevance for your life. Further, we can assist you with making a plan for donating and finding appropriate homes for items no longer needed, as well.

Should I buy supplies?

Very good question! We recommend you have trash bags and recycling bins available during our sessions, but we advise against purchasing more supplies before our initial visit. There are many details that go into choosing appropriate containers and tools to help you stay organized. Until the first organizing steps have been taken, it is not possible to identify the best possible solution for you.

What should I expect during the session?

During our first visit in your home, we will take a tour and talk through any challenges you are facing with organization. We will help you identify the biggest "pain points" and create a vision of how you want your space to look and feel.  We will discuss a plan and prioritize your needs for future organizing sessions and then work with you in an area of the home that is most appropriate for the time remaining.  Any additional sessions would be spent entirely on organizing and/or decluttering together based on the priorities we mapped out.


It is important that you are relaxed and comfortable during your organizing sessions.  We suggest that you dress in clothing you are comfortable in and that you have water and snacks on hand (we will bring our own too).

I am embarrassed about my space. Should I clean up before my appointment?

We understand how sensitive it may be to invite a stranger into your home. However, we ask you, please, do not clean up for us. You must remember that we are accustomed to seeing VERY messy and disorganized situations.  Also, if you clean up for us, you are possibly removing valuable clues about your existing habits and systems. These clues help us develop a plan of action that will be most sustainable for you.

Will sessions with my organizer be confidential?

Yes, we take the honor of being invited into your home very seriously, and that is why we include a confidentiality agreement in our contracts with all of our clients. We guarantee that your project will never be discussed outside of your work with our company, and we will not provide identifying details to anyone beyond Wendy Buglio Consulting without your express written permission, except as necessary to ensure the health and safety of you, our staff, or a third party.

Shouldn’t I be able to organize myself?

Organizing skills are not innate. They are learned abilities that many people simply were never fully taught. For many more of us, as our lives transition from one phase to the next, we are asked to face physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of change and confusion. It is quite easy to be overwhelmed and it is completely appropriate to ask for help and support. Our professional organizers are prepared to guide you through your transition and to assist you in creating a space that works for your specific needs. We often work with our clients as an accountability partner to help you stay organized. While working together,  you will learn and develop the skills needed to maintain the organized spaces we create together.   


In some cases, brain-based factors such as ADHD, depression, traumatic brain injury, and chronic disorganization can contribute to challenges in creating organizational systems and maintaining them. Having a brain-based factor does not mean a person cannot be organized; it simply means your version of organized might be unique and specific to your needs. Working with an organizer familiar with non-traditional organizational systems will help change your definition of “organized.” 

Can you help my spouse/mother/loved one?  

It is important for the person receiving organizing services to be ready for the help. If someone is not open to change, progress likely will be slow and bound to cause more family tension. We are happy to explore working with your family members if they are interested in making organizational changes in their lives.  Our services are most successful when a client is fully invested in the process. We can transfer these life-changing skills to them to be used in other areas of their home and life.  We always start our organizing work with an initial conversation with our direct client to ensure a good mutual fit.

How do I find organizing solutions that work for someone with ADD? 

The mind of a person with ADD is creative, non-linear and ever-evolving. The organizational system for a client with ADD must also be creative, non-linear and open to change as needed. Traditional images of organization often do not work for the ADD brain. Therefore, it is the job of the organizer and client to create a custom system tailored to the needs of the individual. Accountability and maintenance are critical elements to the long-term success of the systems. We ask you to enter this process with an open and creative mind.

Do you work with individuals with hoarding behavior? 

We can sometimes help people struggling with hoarding behavior. Hoarding behavior is a complicated condition with many facets and a spectrum of severity. It is important to know that unlike the TV shows, this level of clutter takes longer to work through than a typical clutter situation. Helping you create a safe and functional living space is of the utmost importance. We will discuss your individual situation in depth before meeting with you to determine what your specific situation requires and if our expertise will serve your needs. 

Productivity Consulting

How do I know where I need your help most?  I know I need help getting my business organized but I don’t know where to start?

The first step is knowing you need help!  Wendy Buglio Consulting can help you delve into your real challenges and determine where to begin. Our productivity consulting services start with a complimentary 30-minute phone meeting to discuss your goals and to ensure compatibility. Then we schedule a strategy session and decide which level of support you will require.  All of our services are customized to meet your specific productivity goals and challenges. 

Productivity Consulting

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Can you help my team work more efficiently? 

Yes, efficiency is our area of expertise.  We will work with you and your team to find the solutions that fit best within your organization.  Our services include:

  • Delegation strategies

  • Policies & Procedures creation and documentation

  • Workflow analysis and continuous improvement efforts 

  • Strategies for effective meetings

  • Team trainings and support

  • Team collaboration technology solutions (project management, CRM, financial/bookkeeping, messaging/file sharing, and more)

Do you work with both paper and digital documents?  Our office is transitioning to digital but still has a need for hard copy documents. 

We understand that many businesses are transitioning from paper systems to more updated digital systems. Once we understand the specific challenges that your business is facing, we will work with you to address both areas. While taking into consideration the continued need for a streamlined system for paper documents, we can help you identify and implement technology solutions and applications that support your work style and automate processes.

How much does it cost to use your services?

Productivity Consulting services are $125/hour, with packages available with built-in savings. Click here to see our available packages.   Don’t see one that works for your business?  Let’s talk and build a program that best meets your needs.

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