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Rocketbook – my new favorite notebook

All too often, when I’m working with a client and ask about how they are managing their tasks and to-do lists, I get a sheepish grin, a shrug, or questions back about which apps are best. In reality, there are countless ways of staying on top of your tasks and projects – digital or in paper format – and the key to success is choosing one method and forming the habit of capturing everything in one place. And it’s totally OK if this is on paper! In fact, when I get overwhelmed with what’s on my plate, nothing helps me process and prioritize better than writing it all down on paper. For me, the kinesthetic approach of pen on paper really makes the content stick in my brain. So when I take notes, I write them instead of typing. Additionally, I like the visual look I can get of a list of tasks and projects written by category, priority, or date, as I can better see what is in front of me.

So, paper fans, I’d love to share my new favorite notebook, the Rocketbook Smart Notebook. I picked mine up at Staples, but they are available online in a few places as well. The Rocketbook is a reusable notebook. With erasable pens (available in multiple colors), you can write on the pages and then wipe clean with the included cleaning cloth. I am impressed by the texture and feel of the pages. Despite being reusable, they offer a pretty realistic experience.

The Rocketbook app lets you do lots of things with your handwritten notes before erasing the page. You can upload to your favorite cloud service, and by writing page titles inside double hashtag symbols, the app’s character recognition will help you with your file naming strategy. Or you can email the page to yourself for reference later on.

Notebooks come in a couple of different sizes, and some with pre-printed page templates for planning. Or you can opt for blank, lined, or grid-marked pages.

I’ve experienced a couple of minor issues. The ink from the pens smudges easily while still wet. And I left the notebook open/unfolded in my bag next to the condensation of my water bottle the other day, and lost half a page of notes! But for me, the pros greatly outweigh these cons. I love that I can have the learning and processing experience I need of physically writing, but a streamlined way to save my notes digitally for future reference.

Are you a notebook/paper planner person? What’s your strategy for keeping your info organized?

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