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There's Nothing Lazy About Susan!

Poor Susan gets a bad rap being called "lazy," when in reality, she's BRILLIANT! The functionality and usability of the spinning design of a Lazy Susan lend itself to a variety of uses throughout the home.

This funky two-tiered spinning organizer is being utilized by my client for medications, small snacks, office supplies, and other small household items. This system works for my client because, as a visual learner, she does best with visual prompts. Seeing her medications reminds her to take them. The ability to keep small categories together gives a landing zone for items that are not simply on the kitchen counter.

A variety of sizes and styles of spinning storage can be found on Amazon and retail stores. It's important to keep in mind the volume of items you are looking to store, and the space limitations you have (such as in a cabinet).

Where else have you utilized spinning storage systems in your home?

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