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Simplify Your Week, 5 Ways to Get Started Today

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is an old favorite from our blog archives. It was originally written for the first week in August which is national Simplify Your Life Week. However, we think Fall is a great time of year to think about simplifying your life too. So, if you didn’t already get started in August maybe now is the time.

The first week of August is national Simplify Your Life week. As a Professional Organizer, this is music to my ears! Since most of us could probably afford to simplify our lives, here are some suggestions to try out. Even if you just do it for that week, wouldn't it be a fun experiment? Maybe you'll find something that you can do for the long run.

- Is there a chore or task that you could eliminate from your schedule? Perhaps something you have been doing for so long that you don't need to do any more?

- If you can't eliminate it, could you outsource it? I used to work for a company that offered onsite dry-cleaning pickup/return (of course, I had simplified my life to exclude any clothes that required dry cleaning, haha!). Maybe it's time to hire that housekeeper every two weeks so you can enjoy time with your kids before they are grown.

- Is social media distracting you from more important things? Consider reducing screen time or deleting one social media app, even just for the week.

- Is there a commitment in your life that is no longer working for you? Can you extricate yourself from it, or at least consider delegating it to someone else?

- I often subscribe to news feeds etc. that I don't ever end up reading, and have made an effort to unsubscribe when I've deleted the newsletter for the umpteenth time without reading it. I also stopped getting magazines for this reason.

What have you done to simplify your life?

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