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Misconceptions about Professional Organizing

Just like any other line of work, there are many misconceptions about professional organizing. There are three misconceptions about professional organizers that I would like to debunk:

  1. We expect a perfectly clean home after our visits.

  2. We have a single process implemented for each client.

  3. We tell you how to organize your things.

Misconception #1: We expect a perfectly clean home after our visits.


When I discuss my work as an organizer to friends and family, oftentimes, they believe I enter a home, organize all of their belongings, label everything, and leave behind a perfectly organized space that will never be messy or disorganized again. While I am a fan of organizing shows like The Home Edit or Finding Joy, I know that requiring perfection in a space long-term is not realistic. Although I personally consider myself an organized person, I know that a home that is used on a daily basis is not a static space and requires ongoing maintenance and reflection to ensure long-term success and function. There are changes in life that may cause an upheaval in your home (growing family, divorce, downsizing) and we must allow ourselves some grace to regroup and reset over time. We think of home as a place where things are in flux and to expect perfection is just not important or realistic. What is important is ensuring that the space is functional for you and others sharing it.

Misconception #2: We have a single process implemented for each client.


At Wendy Buglio Consulting, we partner with our clients to ensure we understand their needs, goals, and visions for their space. It is important to remember that this is your home, and each person has unique needs and ideas about what “being organized” actually means. We enjoy getting to know you, your strengths and challenges, and how we can assist you to declutter, organize, and make your space functional. Organizers will take a tour, be curious and ask questions in a non-judgmental way, and determine how we can best help you declutter, get organized, and be content and comfortable in your home.

Misconception #3: We tell you how to organize your things.


This may come as a surprise that this is not true. Our goal is to become a team with each client, but ultimately, the client makes all of the decisions. Only the client knows what items are priorities in their life and what is no longer serving them; what items are frequently used and those that are still visible but not being utilized anymore. Often, we discuss “prime real estate” in professional organizing–the concept that items that are frequently used should be in prime areas of the home (think a blender for your daily smoothie should remain on the counter instead of tucked away in a pantry closet). Additionally, we focus on transferring new skills so that clients are equipped for lasting success with organizing systems and time management. These are essential life skills that are not taught in school and many people are hard on themselves for not being good at them. Even though these concepts and skills are universal, we work with each individual client to ensure their process is a successful vision for their hopes and expectations.

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