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Favorite Organizing & Decluttering Podcasts - From an Organizer

Here are my go-to podcasts in the world of organizing and decluttering. They can act as a body double or motivational source when you are stuck in the decluttering or organizing process. 

See my Spotify playlist of some favorite episodes from each of these here:

The Art of Decluttering: Episode length: 10 min- 1 hr

Best for: Anyone getting started in a decluttering/organizing journey. Episodes are very specific to manageable topics that you can tackle as you listen or give you a boost of energy when you are in a slump. The host has ADHD and incorporates neurodivergent strategies in her suggestions. 

The Declutter Hub: Episode length: 30-45 mi

Best for: Hands-on advice and motivation for anyone decluttering or organizing. The hosts often have different strategies from one another, so you can get several ideas for how to handle one area. 

Clutter Free Academy: Episode length 15-30 min.

Best for: A philosophical / sometimes spiritual approach to clutter, mixed in with hands-on advice.

A to B Podcast: Episode length 30-45 min. 

Best for: Someone ready to dive into time Management, decluttering, or organizing while having a laugh along the way. Hosted by two best friends, one is a professional organizer, and the other is a teacher who is applying organizing and decluttering techniques in real-time.

Wannabe Clutter Free: Episode length 30-55 min.

Best for: Step-by-step instructions for organizing and streamlining your life. This podcast has many episodes geared toward busy parents. 

Struggle Care: Episode length 30-90 min.

Best for: Neurodivergent individuals who have felt stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated along the way and aren't sure where to start. This podcast covers a wide range of topics and is not just for organizing/decluttering. 

Be Uncluttered: Episode length 30-45 min.

Best for: People in life transitions (moving, having a baby, downsizing, etc.) *Note that this podcast is currently on a break from recording, but they have a large backlog of great episodes!

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