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Client Success Story:

Holding Space and Being Accountable

When I take a step back and view my nearly 13-year career as a Professional Organizer, one of the most common successes I see with my clients is not “finished” spaces that look like they belong in a magazine or even a space, my clients are inviting all of their friends over to show off. The success I see is in the focus and attention to a project that the client was otherwise feeling paralyzed to accomplish on their own. My job is to strategize, collaborate, initiate, and help achieve a vision. These are BIG jobs for a client with chronic disorganization, ADHD, executive function challenges; the list goes on.

I have been working with a client regularly for a year now. He has been working from home, so we began largely in his home office and have since worked our way out to other areas of the home in need of attention. I was brought in because my client and his wife were at odds about the home, and working together just wasn’t working (this is a VERY common situation). Being a non-judgemental body double to help my client stay on task has been momentous in helping him feel more productive in his work and home life, but also to understand that he is not alone. I have witnessed him go from being more timid and passive in our communication to being more playful and proud of his accomplishments. He recognizes the value in the accountability of having me around a few times a month.

Are any of the spaces in his home particularly photo-worthy? Not by the standards we might imagine. However, what is truly important is that my client and his family feel comfortable and confident in their home. Not every client success can be measured in photo-worthiness of the end result. The ripple effect of the successes my client experiences during our sessions is a win for him, for his job, for his family…you get the point. Take pride in the small victories even when it doesn’t feel like there is anything physical to show for it.

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