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A Year Later

Updated: Jun 28

If you read my blog from a year ago, I made the difficult decision to donate my grandmother’s china set that was gifted to me after she passed away last May. I felt such guilt until I realized that she would not want me to feel burdened in any way by her items. Yes, they were important to her, but I was important to her, too, and she’d want me to be happy. I reflected for a bit and made the decision to donate the china, but I kept one tea cup and saucer from her beloved set. 

A year has passed, and I often wondered if I would regret my decision. Do I? Honestly, no, I don’t. I miss her terribly, but I have other more precious items from my grandparents, including wooden toys that my grandpa made and my grandma painted. I see them every day, and they make me pause and remember them. I think if I had kept all that china, I would now be looking at it again a year later, wishing I had donated it, but feeling guilty about doing so. The bottom line is that it is NEVER too late to change your mind or acknowledge when things no longer serve a purpose for you, but it’s even more important to do your best to let go of the guilt and burden of keeping items gifted to you. Trust me, from a self-professed former pack rat, I can’t believe I can write this. I have truly learned to let go and really have worked on removing guilt about “stuff” from my vocabulary. I hope you can too. Our loved ones would not want us to feel shame or guilt about donating or tossing items, and I certainly hope that they also would not want us to feel burdened by their items that we no longer want or use. Give yourself some grace and see how it feels. I think you might surprise yourself, just as I did. A year later...

Still no regrets. 

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