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What would amazing look like?

This question was posed during the recent NAPO 2022 Annual Conference in Baltimore, where our team learned from industry leaders about productivity, digital organizing, downsizing, moving, co-parenting, and more. After 3 full days with hundreds of fellow organizers from around the world, we brought back plenty of tips, ideas, and strategies to save you time and stress to help you achieve what “amazing” looks like for you.

As we head into a busier moving season in Boston, we have some suggestions for specifically how we can help you reach “amazing” throughout a move. Often, when someone is moving they are in one of these two categories, or somewhere in between.

Category #1- I know what to do, but I don’t have time to do it. In this scenario, we can:

-Work with the moving companies, realtors, home stagers, and cleaners to allow you to be hands off during a move

-Pick up all the moving supplies needed

-Pack for you

-Carefully label your belongings, and keep track of where each item is going

-Oversee the move day(s) and moving crew

-Take your donations to charity, or arrange for them to be picked up

-Unpack your belongings in your new space to make it feel like home

Category #2- I don’t know exactly what to do, and I need help figuring that out. When this happens, we can:

-Help you get quotes from trusted moving companies

-Create a plan and checklist for how to get each space in your home ready for the move

-Suggest a timeline of when certain steps need to be accomplished

-Help find specific organizations for your donations so that you can declutter sustainably

-Evaluate the space you are moving into and make suggestions of where to place furniture, or what storage solutions you might need to purchase

-Work with each household member to declutter ahead of time

-Connect you with resources for other home-related tasks like toxic waste removal, textile recycling, home staging, art appraisers, etc.

As you think about what amazing might look like for you, keep in mind that you have access to our team who love helping our clients achieve that

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