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  • Wendy

Reduce Stress on Moving Day with these 5 Tips!

1) Make a plan for your People, Pets, and Plants

Typically, movers won’t transport plants – so if it’s a local move, consider packing those in your car. Or, it might be time to re-home them if you’re moving a long distance. Make sure pets are secured for the day – either offsite at a boarding facility, with family or in a secure closed area in the house while the crew is in and out. Don’t forget that they’ll be stressed out, too! And ensure that you have a good plan for your family as well, including meals, sleeping arrangements, and any other accommodations that you can plan in advance to make things easier.

2) Pack an overnight bag with the essentials

Well ahead of the move, pull together a change of clothing, medications, computers/devices, chargers, and any other critical items that you’ll want to keep with you. If you prepare as if you’re heading out on vacation, you’ll have access to the most important and crucial things at all times.

3) Identify the things you’ll need first/urgently and label an “open first” box

Don’t find yourself rummaging through boxes after the movers depart, looking for sheets, towels, your coffee maker, or other critical items. Pack those items last, and in a carefully marked box so that you can easily find what you need right away.

4) Plan a detailed walkthrough with your movers

When your moving crew arrives, it’s critical to take the time to do a detailed walkthrough with them to make sure everyone is prepared for the day. Identify (and tag or label) anything that should NOT be moved; anything that requires careful attention or special handling, items of high sentimental or monetary value, or anything particularly heavy or oversized. If there are considerations like a second stop to a storage unit or a separate delivery address, be sure to go over this as well, as it may affect how the movers want to pack the truck. Your crew lead will appreciate all the information in advance, and it’s well worth the time spent to get everyone oriented.

5) Keep track of your most valued possessions

There are certain items that you may feel comfortable transporting yourself, like key paperwork/documents, passports, electronic devices/computers, jewelry, memorabilia, precious photos, or other treasured possessions. Make a list ahead of move day, and be sure to secure those items before you have helpers come in. If you’re driving, you can pack the car ahead of time, or pack an extra carry-on bag for your flight with the most important things.


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