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How To Choose A Mover

Updated: May 15

Which mover you choose to hire can have the greatest impact on the stress and quality of your relocation. There are a lot of considerations to factor in. Beyond the obvious considerations, like quality online reviews/ratings, insurance and licenses, consider the following:

  • Is it a local, interstate, or international move? If not local, what relationships does your mover have with a van line (or other freight carrier) and local agent (the mover on the receiving end of your relocation)?

  • Do they have experience with any special items, like pianos, fine art, or antiques?

  • How accurate are their estimates? Local moves are usually time-based, while long-distance moves are often priced by shipment weight. Often, movers will underestimate the number of hours a job will require, either due to inexperience, inaccurate inventories, or in order to "win" a bid. If you're comparing estimates, be sure to look at the hourly rate and how many crew members that includes, and any other hidden costs (truck/van, travel time, fuel/transportation charges, moving supplies). Also, be sure to understand if an estimate is non-binding (the company cannot charge more than a certain percentage over the estimate) or guaranteed/binding (generally a guaranteed price).

  • Can you get a personal referral or recommendation? We work hard to nurture relationships with movers so that we can ensure quality service for all of our clients. Can a realtor, neighbor, or friend make a personal recommendation or referral for you?

If you're overwhelmed with choosing a mover, give us a call and let us help you ask the right questions!

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