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Countdown … 30 Days to an Organized Thanksgiving

Things have certainly changed in the times of Covid, but here's an old favorite from our blog archives, if you find yourself getting ready to host family and friends again this year.

Originally posted on October 25, 2017

I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving again this year. It’s my favorite holiday, because it’s just about being together with family and friends, focusing on gratitude for all that we have, and relaxing over a great meal.

Hosting can feel like a lot of work and can cause stress if you’re not prepared and organized. So this year, I’m starting early and sharing my daily punch list with you. I hope this is helpful, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s get started with Day 30 to Day 16…

Stay tuned as we continue on with our countdown to Thanksgiving. Next week’s post starts with Day 15 and ends on Thanksgiving day.

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