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Janus- Looking Back, Looking Forward

Janus, the Roman god of transitions and dualities, and the namesake of the month of January, is typically shown with two faces: one facing the past and one facing the future.  As we enter 2024, this can be a helpful way to frame our organizing plans, whether we are thinking about home, office, or our use of time.  Use the questions below to start an organizing self-assessment for the new year:

The Past:

  • What organizing projects felt successful to me in the past year?

  • What were the elements of those projects that I felt positive about?

  • Who in my life has been supportive and helpful of my organizing goals? 

  • What was frustrating or negative in my organizing experiences?  

  • What has changed for me over the past year in terms of my organizing goals, wants, needs, and style?

The Future:

  • What projects would I like to accomplish in 2024, and which ones have the greatest priority for me?

  • What are my timeframes for those projects?

  • What did I learn from last year’s projects (positive or negative) that I can use this year?

  • Who can support and help me with these projects?

As in many aspects of life, we can use our organizing knowledge from our past to inform our plans for the future. Taking a little time to reflect on the past and future will set you on a strong path to organizational success! 

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