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Car Trunk Transformation

It's fair to say there are just some items we need to keep in our cars all the time; jumper cables, first aid kit, umbrellas, and change of clothes (especially if you have kids). While the categories might be different for each person, it comes with the territory of owning a car- there will always be "things" to keep in the car.

My client was feeling challenged by the need to keep items in her trunk, while also making items feel accessible AND having space for the inevitable grocery haul. After exploring a variety of options on Amazon, she went with some storage cubes that offer ample storage space for her categories of items. The smaller size also limits the overall weight of the cube. In the event she needed to completely empty the trunk, pulling the cubes out would be very simple.

As with any organizing project, I advised this client to begin with sorting the items she removed from the back of the car. Things with homes elsewhere were relocated, and she was able to assess her overall volume to store in the car. Taking into account size limitations and volume to be stored is essential before purchasing containers.

Taking some time every six months, or even annually, to assess the bins and confirm the contents are still serving needs in the car. Additionally, if you're keeping a spare set of clothing in the car for children, you'll want to update it for the season and growing kids.

Kudos to my client for such a great transformation!


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