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How do I know if I’m ready to hire a professional organizer?

Are you committed to creating a positive change in your life? Organizing is a combination of systems and habits. In order to create the organized life you want, you have to be ready to shift your environment and to develop the basic maintenance habits that will allow it to be sustainable. Your organizer will help you to create the systems and identify the necessary habits, but the change and commitment must come from you. If you are ready for your daily life to be easier, simpler, and more peaceful, then call us.

How long will it take to get me organized?

You are the one who most determines the answer to this based on how ready you are to create change in your life. Creating lasting change can take time because new habits need to be developed. We want to give you the skills you need for a more organized life. However, the speed and depth of the change depends entirely on you. You set the pace for our work. How long our work takes is a factor of: (1) How quickly you make decisions; (2) How ready you are for the organizing process; (3) How much work you do in between our sessions. We will support you at whatever pace you prefer to make progress.

How much does it cost and how do you charge for organizing services?

Our package pricing can be found here. You can decide what level of support you would like from Living Peace for your organizing projects, which means that you can control the cost. Frequently clients choose to schedule organizing sessions on a weekly basis to start. However, bi-weekly or multiple sessions per week are also available depending on how quickly you would like to create change in your life. An alternative to help manage costs can be to use our Virtual Organizing services interspersed with hands-on sessions to provide the needed continuous support that creates real change.

Do I have to be there while my space is being organized?

Since the decisions being made are about your life and your stuff, we encourage you to be fully involved and available during your organizing sessions. Occasionally our organizers can make progress without direct client involvement, but the outcome of your organizing process will be significantly improved if you can offer your full attention during your sessions with our staff. Thus, we encourage you to have appropriate care arranged for your children and to avoid answering unnecessary phone calls.

Will I be forced to get rid of items?

You will never be asked to make any decision with which you are uncomfortable. You are the only one who knows whether something continues to have meaning and purpose in your life. We provide you with the opportunity to ask yourself whether particular objects still have relevance for your life and to assist you with donating and finding appropriate homes for those which do not.

Should I buy supplies?

Aside from making sure you have some trash and recycling bags on hand during our sessions, we encourage you NOT to buy any additional supplies until we are through the first steps of our work together. There are many details that go into deciding about appropriate containers and tools to help you stay organized, and until the first steps have been taken there is no way to identify the best possible solutions for your situation. It is possible that you already have everything that you need.

I’m embarrassed about my space. Should I clean up before my appointment?

We understand how sensitive it may be to invite a stranger into your home. However, we ask you, please, do NOT clean up for us. You must remember that we are used to seeing VERY messy and disorganized situations. We pride ourselves on our authentic and non-judgmental approach to your life, and there is most likely nothing in your environment that we have not seen before. Also, if you clean up for us, then you are removing all our wonderful data about how your life usually works.


Will sessions with my organizer be confidential?

We take the honor of being invited into your home VERY SERIOUSLY, and that is why we include a confidentiality agreement in our contracts with all our clients. We guarantee that your project will never be discussed outside of your work with our company, and we will not provide identifying details to anyone beyond Living Peace without your express written permission expect as necessary to insure the health and safety of yourself, our staff, or a third party.

Shouldn’t I be able to organize myself?

Organizing skills are not innate. They are learned abilities that many people simply were never fully taught. For many more of us, as our lives transition from one phase to the next we are asked to face physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of change and confusion, and it is quite easy to be overwhelmed. At times like these, it is completely appropriate to ask for help and support. Our professional organizers are prepared to help guide you through your transition and to assist you in creating peaceful order in your everyday life.